Mary, Star of the Sea Early Learning Center
Toddler, Preschool & Kindergarten

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Mary, Star of the Sea
Early Learning Center

The purpose of Mary, Star of the Sea Early Learning Center is to educate the whole child, spiritually, personally, physically, and intellectually. The curriculum is designed to be sufficiently flexible and varied so as to provide the experience necessary to achieve these ends. The schools exist to supplement the work of the parent in Catholic Christian education, and to foster in children a love of God and neighbor. To attain these goals, the Center has the following objectives:

1.To reach the greatest possible spiritual development, the environment for the young child will be prepared so that it provides an unfolding, integrated approach to discovering God’s love. Through these experiences, the child may understand more fully the beliefs of the Catholic Church, develop a personal prayer life and participate in the liturgy.

2.Through these early experiences, the Center seeks to help the child form a healthy spiritual base on which to form values consistent with our Catholic benefits.

3.The physical and cognitive growth of the child is fostered through activity programs that are developmentally appropriate for the young child. The program allows the child to develop fitness, an understanding of health, a sense of well-being and a love for learning.

The Mission of Catholic Education

The mission of Catholic education in the Diocese of Honolulu is to form children who are nourished intellectually, spiritually, and liturgically to share the presence of Christ in the world. Our Catholic educational institutions are obligated by our faith to shape our youth by immersing students in curriculum and experiences rooted in Catholic teaching and doctrine with emphasis on morality and Christian character building. This formation paired with 21st century academics and teaching methods are critical for success at any Catholic educational institution in Hawaii. Each family has choices in the education and faith formation of their children. We expect all families who have chosen to enroll their children to share fully in the light of Christ and to cooperate and support the mission and activities of Catholic School education in the Diocese of Honolulu.

The Montessori Difference

Each an Individual, Everyone Unique.

A Montessori school is more than a traditional classroom. It is an environment that supports the development of the whole child and nourishes each child as an individual. The Montessori classroom is a reflection of society in microcosm, a community of learners in a family-like setting. Maria Montessori stated, “Our idea of a school is not a building with four walls in which to enclose and confine children, but a house where children are their own masters.” Within this safe and caring community of learners, the young child learns to discover his/her gifts. Most important, the child experiences a sense of belonging and respect and is encouraged to develop positive personal relationships with peers and teachers.

In the preschool and kindergarten division, our mixed aged groupings of children over a three-year period with the same teacher create continuity and stability in the environment.

Click here to view and download The Montessori Method by the American Montessori Society (PDF format – 50K)