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Mary, Star of the Sea
Early Learning Center

The school has a non-discriminatory admissions policy. Provisions for children with special needs are individually reviewed during an initial interview with the parents in order to determine whether or not the school is able to meet the special needs of the child. A special need is defined as a condition that exists which requires adjustments in the usual learning environment if the child is to develop to his or her potential. It is our preschool’s policy to operate within our State and Federal Law to follow the ADA Law and accept children with special needs within reasonable boundaries by considering whether the acceptance would result in undue hardship to our school.

In determining acceptance, decisions of acceptance will be made after the child observation/test and parent interview, and after we receive all required application forms and supporting documentation from the applicant.

An observation session is required for all incoming students. Students applying to the kindergarten division will also participate in a writing exercise. Parents are asked to share their philosophy, commitment and support of our program through the parent interview questionnaire, and an in-person parent interview is also required.

Children in the Preschool and Kindergarten programs must be toilet-trained prior to entrance.

Children in the Toddler division do not need to be completely toilet trained; training pants or pull-ups are required. Diapers are not allowed.

Financial Contract

A financial contract must be completed and returned to the finance office prior to attendance. Please refer to the section entitled “Financial Arrangements.”

Registration Requirements

During the spring semester of the school year, currently enrolled students are required to re-enroll for the next school year. As acceptance for the upcoming school year is not automatic, the school reserves the right to accept, waitlist, or defer acceptance of re-registrants at the discretion of the Admission Committee. Such decisions are based on parental cooperation, student behavior and the school’s ability to meet the needs of the child. Children who are eligible based on entry-age requirements and who successfully complete the ELC program are recommended for placement at Star of the Sea Elementary School.

At the time of ELC registration, the student shall:

  • Provide Birth Certificate copy. Copy shall remain on file.
  • Provide Catholic Baptismal Certificate copy. Copy shall remain on file.
  • Provide a Teacher Reference Report from previous preschool(s) attended (forms are available at the time of application).
  • A complete Student History form.
  • A complete Parent Interview Questionnaire.
  • Sign up for an observation and/or testing session.
  • Sign up for a Parent Interview.
  • Orientation
  • Health Form 14 will be required upon acceptance.

Before the school year begins, parents are required to attend a mandatory parent orientation meeting.


A tuition contract and financial agreements are included with your registration packet. Special payment arrangements need to be made with our Business Office. Once agreed to, any request for change thereafter must be made in writing to the Finance Office. A financial contract must be completed and returned to the Finance Office prior to first day of attendance.

Financial Assistance

Limited financial assistance is available. Applications are available at our office. Currently enrolled students are given first preference.

Late Fees

A late charge shall be assessed for children who are not picked up on time. Charges are computed after a 15-minute grace period. The late penalty is $15.00 per every 15 minutes or fraction thereof, after the grace period. Parents are expected to pick up their children on time.

Payments, Refunds and Schedule Changes

Schedule changes or withdrawal requests shall be made in writing and addressed to the Principal at least two weeks prior to the date of change or withdrawal. Tuition refunds or adjustments shall be made by the quarter (see yearly school calendar). Once the quarter begins, there will be a charge for the quarter. Once the last quarter begins, there will be no adjustments. All requests for tuition refund or adjustments must be made in writing and addressed to the Principal.

No adjustments, refunds or rebates are made for absent or elected vacation times, or if the child is accepted at another during the school year.

All fees and tuition deposits are non-refundable.

Checks that are returned shall be handled as follows:

  1. First returned item: $25.00
  2. Second returned item: payment in cash or by cashier’s check may be required. All checks shall be made payable to the Mary, Star of the Sea Early Learning Center.