Mary, Star of the Sea Early Learning Center
Toddler, Preschool & Kindergarten

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Mary, Star of the Sea
Early Learning Center

Mary, Star of the Sea ELC is a Montessori Early Learning Center. The philosophical approach and organization framework shall be consistent with the requirements of the Montessori Method. The program provides for activity-centered learning and integration with the areas of:

Religion – Catholic Christian-value orientation permeates the entire day and prayers are part of the daily schedule. Weekly religion lessons and activities are taught in a developmentally appropriate way, with the focus on God’s love. Maria Montessori’s “The Good Shepherd” is also incorporated into the lessons.

Language Arts – Reading and writing skills in the language area and extensions throughout all areas of the environment

Math – skills in the math area are extended into science and technology

Fine Arts, Art, Music, Dance, Literature

Culture and Science – cosmic and environmental studies

Practical Life and Sensorial – sensory-motor integration and concentration

Technology – Stem, robotics, computers and software programs

Music and Art- Both children initiated and teacher directed activities are available to all children


Physical Education-  Opportunities are provided daily to develop gross motor schools in both a unstructured and structured play environment

Gardening and Aquaponics- Opportunities for care and stewardship of our food resources

Note: Once a child is enrolled, each parent will receive a curriculum packet from your teacher which details all lesson plans, activities and events month-by-month. A packet is provided for both the school-year and for the summer sessions. Click here to view a sample of the Preschool through Kindergarten schedule .

Mixed age groups at the Mary, Star of the Sea Early Learning Center

Mary, Star of the Sea’s Preschool and Kindergarten classes include children from ages three to six years of age. The practice of educating children in mixed-age groups in childhood education has a long history and follows natural family units at home which typically have children of different ages (vs. all children of the same age). In a class of children of several ages, there will be a wider range of competencies manifested, and greater opportunities for group members to match, complement or supplement the participant’s own needs and styles. Often, older children enjoy mentoring younger children and younger children look up to and follow their older peers. However, each age group has  specific  learning “benchmarks” or standards that are age-appropriate and also allows for an individualized learning program.        Our purpose is to educate the whole child: spiritually, personally, emotionally, physically and intellectually.

For more information about the benefits of the Montessori  mixed age grouping concept go to: